Love to be in finance but which part of finance?

I am applying to MS applied finance and I am required to provide short term goal and long term goal. I do not want to sound like a lost sheep by writing “I wish to go into finance industry” but I am not familiar with jobs in finance. As a background, I have passed my CFA L3 and my GMAT is 750. I am more towards the analytic side and communication is not my strong point (I know it is very important in finance). Can anyone please suggest me what should I put as my short term and long term goal? Which part of finance am I more suited for after this MS applied finance course?

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If you so good at studying, why not do some research on it? Find a direction in life!

That’s why he is asking the question here - asking questions is part of research. Anyway, to OP, the most important thing is that your application is credible - your goals need to fit with the rest of your background. What is your background? What did you study in college and where? Do you have previous work experience? Do you have any other skills that might be useful to some future career in finance? Also, which university are you applying to? You can get useful information here, but you need to give us some information to work with.

Damn you passed L3 and you don’t know what area of finance you want to enter? Like what have you been doing this whole time?

I’m guessing OP is one of those people who are great test takers and can collect degrees like baseball cards while thinking that doors automatically open by doing so Asking on an anonymous forum what your personal ST and LT goals should be?

Yeah, I got my first job without any of that. I still don’t have those things. Why not just go get a job? F*ck school.

Actually my resume is here: I am not a cert collector and knows all these cert are very minor compared to the actual stuff. The reason why I ask is that I really have no experience in finance (Went into education industry after I graduated). That why for ST and LT, I do not know which part of finance industry should I go into. I was sincerely hoping to get some help here.

Yep, you are clearly a smart guy. You need experience. Start writing research. Get a job. Work hard and do your thing. I’m sure you will be all right. Research sounds like a great place for you. Although yes, a lot of it involves flirting with CFOs and getting pseudo insider information. But for people that are good at that, they will usually need a guy like you to process what they find out so my advice is find a blonde with big tits and team up with her and you will be unstoppable.

Thanks for the resume. This is kind of a big career change. People are going to ask why you are doing this. You must have (good) answers to two questions: 1) If you want to work in finance, why did you become a teacher? and 2) How will your background help you in finance? Once you figure this out, your goals should be a bit clearer.

Maybe MBA is the only way for a career change like this. Idk though.

Thanks a lot. 1) In university, I taught a lot of tuition. I knew I have a flair for it but too bad, it is too boring, repetitive and not challenging in school. <=This is the real reason. Do you think it is compelling enough? Can anyone suggest more compelling reasons than this? 2) I will go and really think about it. I think adcom will ask me about this

Thanks a lot. I think research is suitable for me. I will go read up and think about my future. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Ok. It’e perfectly reasonable to say “I thought I would enjoy career X because of A, but I was wrong because of reasons PQR. Finance has attribute A, but does not have PQR”. It’s important to address why you want to change careers, since this is the first question that anyone will ask. Maybe you can say that teaching involves interpreting information and giving it to other people in a way that they will grasp the material points. Research in finance is also about getting market information and giving it to fund managers in a way that they will understand the materiality to their portfolio. Admissions officers like BS like this.

You’re a teacher but communication is not your strong suit??? Something doesn’t add up here. And, BTW, what is “tuition”? I’ve never heard of that as a field of study. I see nothing in the resume or the thread that says anything about why you like finance. So why don’t you tell us why, and then one can talk about the part of finance that might do that. Yes, it’s ok to like finance because you want to make a lot of money at something. But that won’t differentiate you at all from all the other people who prefer having more money to less money. If all you are going to project is that you want money and will work hard at *anything* in order to do it, then sales is where you should be. If there are other reasons you’re drawn to the field, then maybe there is another place for you too.

“Tuition” in Singapore is not the same as tuition in the US. In the US, it’s the fee for taking university classes. In Singapore, it is extra tutoring that kids take outside of school. For instance, let’s say some kid is taking math in high school. However, his parents don’t think that the high school math classes are good enough. So, they send him to evening classes that teach the same thing - these classes are referred to as “tuition”.

Why do people have to go through this song and dance about why they want to work in finance? The aswer is clearly to make a $hit ton of money.

i read a few postings, here is what i gathered… 1) he is a nerd 2) he doesn’t really know the major areas of finance or anything about it for that matter (I base this on the fact he has an undergrad in the subject, you should at least know which subjects interests you) 3) he is a good test taker based on great memory, not actual understanding

@ohai, thanks for the clarification. I did not know that. We just call that “tutoring,” although if it’s not one-on-one or at least not small groups, I guess we don’t have a special word for it. @LBriscoe: the reason to ask is to differentiate oneself from other people who also want to make a “$hit ton of money.” From an employer’s perspective, if you’re going to have to pay a lot for someone’s work, it’s better if you have someone who’s motivated by more than just the paycheck… it gives you better leverage, or at least a better indication of the likelihood of having to fire someone or have them quit.

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