Loving Level III

i’m through 13 readings and i havent written down a single formula yet!

they are all back loaded… welcome to Level III indeed…

L3 isn’t very heavy w/ the formulas. Most of the formulas that you’ll have to memorize are probably in the last couple sections (performance / attribution).

Those formulas in R15/16 are boring too !

I am through 13 readings and I have written down quite a few formulas. Notably, the tax section (Accrual Equivalent Return etc.), estate planning section, capital market expectations. I guess compared to L2 there are less formulas, but there are still quite a few formulas to know.

i prefer the formulas - plug and chug all the way! this will be the toughest level for me by far.

I like this level too man. BRICS section is pretty cool.


smileygladhands Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i prefer the formulas - plug and chug all the > way! > > this will be the toughest level for me by far. I here ya, but the amount of formulas on L2 was nuts. L3 has done a complete 180 the amount rote learning has declined parabolically and critical thinking has taken over. I went through the readings and EOC’s in record time and in review ss 1-6 it all seems too easy. Level 2 sucked but at least I saw the Dragon I needed to slay, it was hard but it was easy to size up. I fear L3 because to me there are much more unknowns and there is no way L3 is as easy as presented by the EOC’s.

Entirely agree, Level III seems almost too easy, though I’m afraid of what that might mean come test day! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still studying my ass off; I don’t want to have to be here next year!

Level III text seems easy , but I’m scratching my head and wondering : So what do I answer for this question? – more and more. The reading is easy , but the words don’t come easily afterwards . At least CFAI text questions are this way

I heart Level 3

wake, are you a psychopath? I ask because I’ve seen you post both passing results followed by failing results, followed by “I’m done with the CFA program” results all in Level I threads over the last couple of years. To get back on track, I thought Level III was by far the most interesting of the three.