low additional compensation, but high time commitment

This is the question No.8 in 2010 PM Mock. Basically, the guy going to interview telling the new company that: He’s doing a football referee part time job, each game pays him 50USD (not material enough) but significant time commitment. The interviewer says this is “ok”, but not written consent. So, does the guy violate Standards? the guideline answer is no, because 50 bucks is not material and already approved by the company, and 50 bucks won’t be a big conflict for the new firm. My opinion is: 50 bucks won’t, but significant time commitment will create conflict, and shall be written consented. In the handbook, it does somewhere talk about time should be considered too. (a case of part time mayor) Any advice?

I also took into consideration the time he spends… this is why ethics should NOT be MC.

If the interviewer thinks that even the significant time commitment will not interfere with his work and he has given verbal consent, then yeah go ahead. However, if the question had not specified a verbal consent, I would have taken a written one. Ethics…will never be easy :slight_smile:

I think the standard says, “verbal doesn’t count”.