Low quantity of content/questions

As I understand there’s about 1,800-2,000 pages for L3, whilst L1 and L2 are more like 3,000 pages+. That’s fine, but does anyone feel like there’s just a lot less content even if you know it’s about 2/3 of L1 or L2?

Secondly, I’m finding that there’s VERY few questions to practice. I remember L2 having a lot of EOC questions whereas it’s surprising me how some areas like Reading 22 (Liability Driven Strategies) can only have 8 questions! Just struggling to understand what you use to practice. I’ve used Schweser but they don’t have many questions either and they’re always rather easy. EOC is fine but not many. I know there’s practice tests online too so there’s that and then… just past papers/mocks?