Low ranked MBA, (SUNY Stonybrook) cheap tuition. Should I bother?

I can’t see myself blowing 90k for an NYU MBA. The State University of NY at Stonybrook has a program (MBA/Finance) that’ll end up costing me 14K for the degree. The problem is, it’s not a well known program. Should I even bother?

Stonybrook won’t get you into a BB finance position. But it’s really impossible to answer your question without a lot more details and market research.

The way the market is going an NYU MBA might not get you into the BB either :slight_smile:

a PT MBA from NYU isn’t 90k… If you actually look at the break down, they factor in room and board which I would consider a sunk cost… Got to Tuck or something if you want a cheaper FT cost of living…

Did I miss something or did the OP ever state wanting to get a BB finance position? There are many good jobs out there that just require an MBA, or to be currently pursuing one. If that is your current position, then, by all means, go to stonybrook. esp if you are out in suffolk county and don’t want to commute into the city for school

“I can’t see myself blowing 90k for an NYU MBA.” With a mindset like that you sure you want to get into finance? School debt is among the cheapest that you will carry. Besides, one half-way decent bonus year once you get a job will all but wipe out that nut.

On the other hand, all the research out there says that an MBA from Stern is worth a lot more than an MBA from Stonybrook (there’s some confounding in all that, of course). In the greater scheme of things $90K isn’t that much for a “rest of your life” investment. If you pay for it with student loans, you are looking at amortizing it over 30 years at less than 6% currently. That’s like $450/month for the education and as ahahah pointed out, the difference is probably more like $40K or $200/month. It’s just not that much. None of which is to say that you can’t get a great education at Stonybrook… Edit: overlapped with equityanalyst who seems to share my feelings.

why not Binghamton? Its more reputable than SB.