Lowest CFA Salary

People always talk about the highest,thats not what most people can reach otherwise it wouldnt be the highest,by lowest I dont mean $0 (being unemployed) or even having a charter but doing an entirely different job e.g plumber.

I am talking about someone who is employed full time,has a charter,does finance related e.g accounting or audit or purely finance job.

Of course we are talking about It globally considering PPP.

Probably some accountant who got the CFA thinking he could make the switch, but the economy blew out and never made it.

In US - probably some guy in mid west with his age the same as his salary

Globally - India

In US I get it leading very poor lives at my age 27K a month,what about India ?

What I am interested is guys who work in finance,finance related job not some fire fighter /night club bouncer who somehow had 4 years of work exp and got his charter than switched jobs

What about some guy who works entirely on commission and therefore has no salary? Or a guy who owns his own business and draws distributions, but no salary?


I’ve seen a number of investment analyst positions and some performance measurement positions that request(although likely don’t require) the CFA designation. I know plenty of those jobs are under $50K per year in the midwest,

I will bet you the lowest paid CFA charterholder is far lower than an average plumber.

@inkybinky to correct my point I am talking about your actual income at the end of the month.

@geo thats not always true,In the US or Canada I agree,but in countries where labour is cheap ? Dont think so