Loyalty to Employer

Members can enter into independent business while still employed with consent. But they have to leave the employer in case they start a new investment company that will compete with their employer. Is that correct?

If you get consent you can do anything, I think.

Member can post in the forum while he/she is at work? :slight_smile:

I am at home, so I’m ethical anyway.

I am not… :slight_smile:

strangedays Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Member can post in the forum while he/she is at > work? :slight_smile: For me the answer would be yes! This forum can provide useful information that can help me pass the exam, which will in turn benefit my employer :slight_smile:

… and since they are paying for my exam, I guess they have a vested interest!

ethics is a personal judgement …that’s why CFAI is having a big mess with this topic, and for them to continue to test and trip people with vague complications is further proof of it being useless as is.

Any other ideas or facts about the question?

From doing some research on this after missing a couple of questions I came to this assumption: It is still in line with ethics if you run your own business outside of work as long as you have WRITTEN consent to do so from your employer, even if you are doing something that competes with them. Now I am sure your employer would look at it much more closely if you are doing something that will compete with their business, but still ok if they gave the consent to do so.

Thank you very much for your answers! But if it is not a problem to start a new business with consent, then why does the CFAI book say: (P:74) 'Allen’s preparations for the new business by registering with the regulatory do not conflict with the work for her employer if the preparations have been done on Allen’s own time outside of the office and if Allen will not be getting clients for the business or otherwise operating the new company until she has left her current employer." ?