LSE: Part-time Masters in Finance Program

Anybody have any experience with this program? Thoughts? Placement in Europe/Asia/States?

I would like to know as well, They have a new program thats a masters in finance and private equity (10 months), that looks pretty cool

A very good friend of mine just finished the program. The deal is it’s a fine program, but not a top 10 or really even top 30 program. But, it offers one of the best global networking opportunities of any school. If you’re interested in meeting rich kids from all over the world (and, more importantly, their parents) then do it. If you don’t like to network then don’t go there. My buddy left with some great contacts that helped him secure a job recently. The other thing is, and I’m being completely serious, saying you did post-grad work at the London School of Economics sounds prestigious. Many prospective employers don’t have a list of the “top 10” MBA programs on their desk so they just assume something that sounds so elite must be awesome. Let’s face it, getting an MBA from the University of Wisconsin might actually be better academically, but it doesn’t sound as cool.

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drop out of the lse and become a rock star

Internationally the London School pf Economics is pretty well know/recognized.