Sorry guys, had to get that out…Geaux Tigers!

OH SNAP GO LSU. My money’s on 'Bama rolling, but my heart is with the mad hatter.

I kind of feel the same way, but I’m thinking maybe Richardson will be less of an impact than people have been calling for. I think analysts tend to focus on big play makers and ignore team cohesion.


Oh snap.

I like Saban’s teams but this kicker … seriously? Couldn’t they find a better dude around?

People keep dwelling on the kicker, but two of the misses were 50+ yards (anyone could miss those) and one was a block.

I mean, on the OT kick, you start on the 25, and through crappy offense they wound up with a 50+ yard field goal, whereas LSU moved up to a 20 some yard field goal from center with two tries at the snap. It’s a team game.

Strong social life you have Black Swan. Watching the game and simultaneously having a conversation with yourself on an internet forum dedicated to CFA studies? You must be beating the women off with a stick (if you like women)!!!

Um, none of those posts occurred during the game? Also, I was responding to IEV there. Reading comprehension fail?

I guess Nov 5th wasn’t a Saturday in CA? My bad. Get a life tool.

The game didn’t go all day, so the posts weren’t “simultaneous” even if that had mattered. And yes, I did go home to watch the game with my family, so social pariah I am T.T Are you still angry about the burgers?

Are you really this ignorant and insecure that you are offering your opinion on what time an event occured? Time is iron clad. Right now, we know exactly how long the game was, what time it started, etc. Not only do you have a weak social life it seems, but you feel the need to defend yourself on the internet to someone you hve zero real life interaction with. Seriously, get a life loser.

Dude, I see a post at 7:43 pm 11/5 (game started at 8) and one at 11:43 pm eST (was “w00t” posted after the win). What are you missing (besides a brain)?

Yes, you’re right, none of your attack here is self-contradictory or an oxymoron. You’re telling me I need to get a life, but you’re the one throwing a tantrum over hamburgers, lol!

So before and after the game started, you felt the need to make a post on a CFA forum concerning a school you more than likely did not attend, from your parent’s basement? Great defense, thanks for clearing this up for us. I bet you were a little tipsy too @ 11:43 PM after drinking the few beers your mom let you have because you are no longer a student and now a big time BOM wearing Jos A. Bank suits and such.

Yes, that’s pretty much what happened.