lucky day...

Today must be my lucky day. We hired a post-MBA associate who just joined our team, and because we’re a little bit tight on space, there was a little bit of shuffling around of workspaces. The senior folks felt it was unequivocally better for the new guy to sit near the other post-MBA associate, and given the only space where the new hire could go was my workspace, it meant that I’d have to move somewhere else. I’m thinking to myself, I’ve only been at this job for a few months and I’m already getting shuffled around…what’s down the line for me? Storage Room B? As it turns out, they moved my workspace further down the hall…into an office! Yes, that’s right – the new post-MBA associate gets a cube out in the open, and by an incredible turn of events, I get the office. I suppose I should caveat this by saying that it’s not actually my own space – there is an administrative assistant that sits behind me – but she only works in the afternoons, and usually she’s up by the front with the office manager when she’s around anyway. That means 85% of the time, I’ve got my own little room where I can unabashedly sign onto educational websites like ESPN and AnalystForum. It’s quite possible that none of you think this is big news, but this is the first time that I’ve been able to escape the cube life…and it’s been completely fortuitous. I didn’t get promoted or anything – management just decided to move me here. But hey, I’ll take whatever I can get. Has anyone else here caught a “lucky break” recently?

Too early to tell if it’s good luck or not, but I’ve been getting quite a few quality job leads from head hunters.

Congrats Numi. The shoe definitely fits.

I’ve had an office for 3 years now and I must admit it’s pretty nice. The only thing I’d change is not having a glass wall. That way I could close the door and take a nap.

i have office but sit on trading desk…office is nice for doing work (conference calls, reading reports etc) but i like to BS on the desk, time flies.

Beware! masking & denying farts in an office is more difficult

Lucky bastard! My seating situation sucks ass.

it makes a huge difference. you can actually talk on the phone without being cryptic.

I had a break like that last fall but then I had to share the office. Recently the guy I shared it with got a promotion so I got the boot back to the cubicles.

That’s a great break. As a poster above notes, just being able to have some privacy on the phone is huge. Anyway, I work at relatively small investment management shop in Michigan. We’re growing at a pretty decent pace (a complete oxymoron in Michigan, I know) and have hired a good amount of new people over the past year and a half or so. When I started, I basically got placed in this nook in the office. I have some walls (they’re built into the structure of the office) but they don’t reach ceiling and there’s no door…it’s basically a permacube. It’s never really bothered me much because I’ve always been in a cube. Anyway, we hired another guy within the past few months and things were already pretty tight. They ended up putting him in the office library (we call it a library but it’s basically a large room with old annual reports, research reports, etc.). When we hired him, I thought I was going there for sure. Man am I glad I did get moved into there. That would have sucked pretty badly. Fortunately, I’m fairly certain we have the retained the rights to the leases to some spaces on our floor when they come due. I’m hoping that I get a space with more privacy then.

CLDutcher- What firm in Michigan do you work for? (If you dont mind me asking)

don’t underestimate the benefits of dicreet lunchtime masturbation as well…

chrismaths Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > don’t underestimate the benefits of dicreet > lunchtime masturbation as well… If you telecommute you don’t have to be discreet.

In the right environment/Co workers cube life can be a great time… I just don’t think I’d give up my office for it.

I work on a trading floor. What is this “privacy” of which you speak? Luckily, I have great coworkers, so I actually prefer this environment.

Hehehe, it’s the little things that make life pretty. In terms of working space I really can’t complain. I am sitting at the trading desk, which is a remodeled Roullette table. I have more space than I could wish for, but the benefit of that actually only comes to my mind when I hear that there are people who sit in cubicles like Guinny Pigs and spend the better part of their life staring at fluffy walls. Just a question of time when I would freak out and axe some coworkers. Recently, a really cute chick joined us. She has a phantastic body and usually she wears skirts. Tight, short skirts. What puts me off though is another colleague, who hasn’t adjusted his perception of body hygiene to the increasing temperature. For pete’s sake, it is summer and this guy still seems to believe one shower per week is enough. _The stench of him walking behiind my back is just disgusting. Fortunately, he is an idiot and only shows up from time to time.

i got lucky when i got my present job …i got an office with a huge desk and large windows …