Lucky Mover

I moved within a week of the level one and level two. I passed both. I decided to move home to Chicago after the level three. Am I set or what?

serriel correlation? nah, can’t be! you’re set. you should send this to the CFAI becuse they likely won’t even make you write with evidence like this…hell, i think your post isn’t so much fact as it is science.

sh!t. Never thought about that. I moved recently after 2.5 years. I am doomed. Damn !!!

I’m moving in a couple weeks after 2 years… may be I should hang on for sometime :wink:

Where is Chicago are you moving? I am looking to get back as well. Hopefully in the fall if not sooner?

then i am really, really lucky. moved apartments twice, moved jobs twice, got married, and baby on the way…all while plugging away diligently at my studies…

This is classic representativeness.