lucky on mock 2

i had a really hard time with this thing… i got a decent score, but i was freaked out almost the whole way through… especially on equity. i got 91% on equity, but it felt like 50% i don’t know. there is no way i got a 76 on this thing without some luck. i even guessed on a question.

Nice work, I hope I can get the same score later tonight.

thanks nib. you’ll pull it off. probably will be better than mine. i seriously don’t know how i broke 70… i guess the takeaway is not to freak out in the middle of the test because you might be doing better than you think. i bit shocked. need some fresh air. the most stressful 76 ever.

Excellent! I was going through the same stress you did and got the same score. Good job! Now review and relax a bit before Saturday.

This is definitely true^

Good score cfasf. You feeling more ready now for Saturday? You took it on a computer and couldn’t go back and review. That should account for another 5% or so up.

that’s awesome mcpass. you should chart your exam scores. the gains you have made in the last month have been amazing… you too mwvt. you guys have some serious momentum going into this thing.