Lunch Crunches?

Does anyone remember these from L I&II? Is anyone willing to post them for L III this year? :slight_smile: Just a thought…

the guy who used to post for us in level II got banned because of this.


What is a lunch crunch?

Yeah he got banned… but he’s back on under a different name. Doesn’t do the crunch anymore though. Lunch Crunch was when someone would copy/paste about 10 practice questions every day around lunch time on the board. Then everyone would post what they thought the answers were. Then the OP would post the answer key a hour or so later. Then we’d discuss the answers. It was a helpful exercise to see how other people go about answering these q’s. I think it would only work for multiple choice q’s

And why did he get banned for this? Copying from q-bank?

I believe so.

Ditchdigger is no more