Lunch on June 6th

im thinking to bring some sushi along since Im taking it in a convention center, probably thousands ppl there waiting in line for food.

havn’t thought that far ahead, but sushi sound like it would be good. Just hope it its not a bad batch

I’m absolutely bringing a small lunch to eat in my car. I’m going straight to my car to eat, rest, and review anything that came up on the AM portion I wasn’t sure about.

took the lvl 1 at javits center in december…long lines but manageable.

It’s not stressful, you have time to enjoy your lunch and review.

Packing a sandwich, some peanuts, apple juice, and nutragrain bar.

Bringing some high fiber food, going shopping tomorrow, i’ll figure it out then. Likely some peanuts, a energy drink (or 5), some sort of sandwich deal-e-o…can I bring a personal chef with me?