Lunch + Private Wealth

Hey guys, I have an opportunity to meet w/ someone in private wealth mgmt. for lunch. It’s a great opportunity to find out about the work and decide if I want to make the jump. I’m currently in an unrelated finance job, so I’ve been reading up on wealth mgmt., but would still appreciate your insights on good questions to ask (or bad questions not to ask). They may have an analyst position open, so this lunch could potentially develop into something more. Any input would be much appreciated. Just took level II this june. Thanks!

Is it based in Montauk? I would be all over that like white on the Hamptons.

farley013 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Is it based in Montauk? I would be all over that > like white on the Hamptons. LOL

Not based in Montauk. Although I’d definitely be in the same boat as you, farley.

whoa, you found a boat filled with smartass comments?

What firm/city Montauk?

tvPM Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > whoa, you found a boat filled with smartass > comments? one of the funnier comments around here in awhile I would be interested to hear any insights people have about PWM as well. It seems like it could be a little more easily accessible than some other jobs like ER, IBanking, PE, etc. that get thrown around here.

It’s on the west coast at Atlantic Trust PWM. Thanks again for the input!

I work in this area. Operations, Trading, Performance. 13 person firm. It’s a good life. Not many long nights. Good pay. I’d say go for it if 1.) it’s better than your current position and 2.) you can’t find any better opportunities.

Shurmon, thanks. What kind of qualities are valued in PWM? Obviously you have to enjoy client service. What else do managers look for when looking to hire analysts? What’s important to convey if you’re meeting someone in PWM? Thanks in advance!

Free lunch, good job opportunity, yeah I would definitely go. PWM is where I want to end up in a few years so I’m jealous.

Anyone have any insight as to the interview process?

When I interviewed PWM it was a round robin of 4 PMs each having 30 minutes with me(1 of which was the head of the dept/group), and they just asked whatever they wanted and talked about whatever. That was it. I thought it was a good way of doing it as they each got to eval you, you saw the different styles and personalities, and no doubt they all converged to judge you and make sure your answers were the same in each scenario. I’m sure it varies by shop and role.

Well?!?! What did you have for lunch?

Lunch hasn’t happened yet but for anyone who cares, will let you know how it goes.

C’mon now we all care. We are living vicariously through you, its like we are all going to lunch…