Lv2 Band 10

Item Set

Q# Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70% - Alternative Investments 18 * - - - Corporate Finance 36 * - - - Derivatives 36 - - * - Economics 18 - * - - Equity Investments 54 - * - - Ethical & Professional Standards 36 * - - - Financial Reporting & Analysis 72 - - * - Fixed Income Investments 36 - - * - Portfolio Management 18 - * - - Quantitative Methods 36 - - *

We have divided the group of candidates who did not pass into 10 approximately equal score bands. Your score band below shows how your overall score on the exam compares with the overall scores of candidates who did not pass this exam.For example, a score band of 1 indicates performance in the bottom 10%, a score band of 10 indicates performance in the top 10%. Your score band: 10

I am feeling down for days, as if a dark cloud above me. This is my second time taking it, first time only study one week and a band 4. This time an extra 2 weeks then band 10. Honestly, I felt better be a band 4 than a band 10… Any band 10er tries a retab?

Hi anitaparanoid,

Are you saying you studied for a total for 1 month for level 2?

If thats the case i dont see how u can complain… People take 6-8 months to prepare for level 2 and still fail… U should be happy if u got band, 10 with only a month of study

Try months instead of weeks, otherwise u’ll risk doing years instead of months…

Well to be honest, if you pass by only studying for a month, it’d be unfair to a lot of ppl who have prepared for over half a year. Do you really think you deserve a pass? Treat it more seriously.

Sorry it didn’t work out. Unfortunately it looks like Ethics could have made a difference. You can definitely pass this test – make sure you do the CFAI EOC questions and topic tests. I’d recommend starting earlier this year, but even if you have a limited time, those are definitely the highest return activities. Even if you don’t have time to read all of the material necessarily, go through all of the questions and try to understand the questions that you don’t know how to do. Stay strong!

Yes, but I have previous knowledge when preparing for FRM and some actuarial credentials before. The one month study mostly focus on FRA and Equity. I am glad that finally my FRA >70%, for it’s always my weakest section. The result of Equity is a disappointment tho…

You guys are right, I probably didn’t treat it seriously enough at the same time dealt it with a poor strategy…

@ mglasses5

Yes that’s also what I am thinking about, ethics < 50% is terrible. I’ve finished all topic tests in Ethics and still feel it’s extremely tricky for me this time. I was not even confident in one single question in Ethics when I walked out the test room… Next time would start earlier if I will register again (now still struggling). Appreciate your advice!

@ anitaparanoid

Ethics was definitely tough this year, but if you know that’s a weak area no matter what you do, you need to be able to pick up points elsewhere to make up for that, which you can do by starting earlier this time. While Ethics matters at the margin, there are many people who pass Level II every year with a below average Ethics score. If you had brought up a couple of those sections where you were <=50%, that might have counteracted the impact of ethics as well. Regardless, you know what to do. Good luck!

Folks, Ethics is a must ! although you can still pass with Ethics <50% provided you nail the remaining sections.

the institute can bump up those scores which borderlines with MPS if the candidate demonstrated strong ethics score !

but if i were you, i would have never bet on the ethics adjustment as it is the last resort…a wild card so to speak… especially in L1 and L2…where there foundation is being laid…and it must be strong to withstand the L3 !

Hi Anita,

M a band 10 fail myself @ L2 .For once I have swallowed my pride,not used to giving professional exams of CFA calibre.While taking Mock Exams seldom I crossed 70% but exam was very clearly worded & brought out my best- the thing that sunk me was I clear guessed on derivatives ,took a chance and it dint pay off.

Retab is only peace of mind and do it only if you erased plenty of answers,otherwise take a clear shot @ it again by making Strong wherever your concepts are weak and it will pay off.


i failed as band 10 last year and passed this time round…

-Did like 9 mocks. (excluding me redoing the schweser mocks twice) -DId the CFAI questions -DId the online CFA topical questions - everything! -My grades are lousier than what I did last year… In short, tough luck dude.

studies for two weeks and complains he fails

not trying to be a dick buddy, but really? really?

stop trying to skate by and actually put in some work

I find it hard to believe you only studied a couple of weeks and got a band 10.

More time certainly needed - you’ll have 3 extra weeks next year. Best of luck.

Get the fu(k out.