Lvl 1 Dec test....realistic??

Hi everyone, been lurking here for awhile but this is my first post. got a question and see what you guys think. so i’m really thinking about taking the lvl 1 exam this december, and i know it’s already mid-august, so i’ll only have 3.5 months left to study for it. while that alone i feel is enough time if i really put my head down, i will also be travelling out of the country twice before then. both times internationally to visit family, once for an extended weekend end of oct, and then another trip for about 1.5 weeks during thanksgiving, and i’ll be returning to the US right before dec, so that gives me one week back here before the exam. i know i will have time when i’m travelling, but what are your guys take just in terms of being mentally prepared, getting enough rest, etc? thoughts appreciated.


What is your academic background and work experience?

studied management science for undergrad with pretty strong accounting focus my first 2 years. i’ve been working as an analyst for an equity derivatives desk the past 2.5 years, and before that did fund accounting for 3 years.

Definitely doable!!

You should have no problem. Good luck.

thanks for your guys input. dec 6 it is…good bye $720!!

Life is all about choices; you make them and don’t look back. Since you’ve a viable background. Go for it!. There is nothing impossible. Look at me! I started off doing CFA Level 1 on 12th February with no finance background and on 5th June I was in the exam and thanks to Nature got passed. It isn’t like that I passed on the margin. The first thing is not to think bad! Be optimistic put in your best, focus on excellence not on success and concentrate while you are reading. Fizzle out every other thing that could potentially make you think that you can’t do it. Study in chunks and plan your leisure time to rejuvenate yourself! Make it an experience and you’ll pas it. God Bless you!

How did you only pay $720? Don’t you have to pay the enrollment fee as well?

with the acctg background, its very doable.

nightkhan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > thanks for your guys input. > > dec 6 it is…good bye $720!! It will be a definite good bye to your money if you show up to write Dec. 6th

Canadian_Accountant Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > nightkhan Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > thanks for your guys input. > > > > dec 6 it is…good bye $720!! > > > It will be a definite good bye to your money if > you show up to write Dec. 6th Disagree very doable in this time frame. Just gotta be diligent and start asap.

The exam is on Dec. 3 or 4th…

jordanwang07 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > The exam is on Dec. 3 or 4th… yeah…my bad, had the dates mixed up

Don’t do it!!! Not enough time!!! Take the June 2012 exam. Allow 6 weeks for review. For the June exam that review start date would be Saturday April 21st 42 days before the exam. W

guyzz…its d same condition here…m a Bachelor in commerce and MBA in Finance …n have not started studies yet…m lukin forward for dec 2011 L1…so wil i b able to do it…i knw it would b possible but then i am working full time for 8hrs …so with the remaining hrs wil it b poss…need your advice…

Why not? You’ve done Finance beforehand so you’ll be fine. I’ve done one unit of Accounting and I’m sitting the CFA in December.

Thankss…:)…n Good Luck… Shramz

I’m in the same boat…I just completed a CMA designation for accounting and am now contemplating Level 1 in December. I have started quants so far and my University background is a BCOMM in management economics, industry and finance - so I am strong in economics and accounting as well as corporate finance. Even though I’ve seen most of the material before, the problem will be with the volume of material to go through. Are there any other accountants out there - how did you find the FRA sections throughout all three levels? Good luck to all!

hey - i am a CPA and did L1 in Dec 2009. I started my studies in late August and passed with flying colors. If you have an accounting background, L1 is heavily stacked in your favor - its really “accounting 101” type concepts on there. L2 accounting is tougher (consolidation/investments, pension accounting, f/x accounting) but you will still have a big leg up. If you have a strong accounting background, and can give it plenty of time to study, then L1 in December is very doable. For L1, i relied heavily on schweser notes, Q-bank, and secret sauce for what its worth. Since you are starting a little later than others, i’d advise staying away from the CFAI curriculum, will take too long to get through it.