lvl 1 june 2013

hy everyone,Im new to all this,so I have a couple of questions…schweser study notes for 2013 will come out when? and is it possible to get them any cheaper,couse Im still in college and 500-1000$ is a lott,I barely have to enroll…

I have Scweser 2012, and I am wondering if it could be ok for June 2013. What do you think about it?

You could try and see if anyone is selling their old Schweser books on Ebay. Also, Schweser does sell the products separately, if you don’t need everything you could reduce your costs by buying only certain sections.

Hi. I’ll also be taking the June 2013 L1 exam and was wondering if the books provided during registration would be sufficient in passing the exam? Or would I need additional references?

Sorry, but I’m new to all of this. And where can we get sample tests for the June 2013 L1 exams?

You don’t have to use any additional study notes for the exam if you can’t afford them. Whilst I exclusively used the Schweser notes, I know plenty of people who passed only using the CFAI textbooks. At the end of the day, it’s the CFAI who are setting the exam so you can guarantee that the info will definitely be there.

What might be useful is to just purchase the practice exams, as these are where I learnt the most before the exam.