Lying about current salary to recruiter

So I lied about my current salary to my recruitment consultant and I’m getting paranoid that come D-day, after i’ve negotiated a decent up tick in salary and I signed new contract they’ll ask to see my previous payslips or P60 which will show 10% less than what I initally told them. This would look pretty bad on my part…

I’ve only lied to the consultant, not to the firm that i’m interviewing with as they’ve not asked. In fact they did ask, but I dodged the question and told them how approx how much I wanted to get paid which they seemed fine with.

I know it’s never good to lie. Even now, when the consultant calls me to chat, he discusses my CV and asks me to go through my benefits package…and i keep lieing to him!!

What shall I do?..

Don’t worry too much about lying to a middleman who tells lies for a living. What matters is what you say to the new employer and what you sign on during pre-employment paperwork.

It’s not lying, it’s puffery.

I always dodge the question…theres an article somewhere on the best ways to dodge the question and why you are completely in the right to not answer the question. I learned a while ago not to give current comp because then they base what they might give you off of that which is ridiculous…what they give you should be a fair valuation of what they think you are worth,

everyone fibs about their current salary to recrutiers and they all know it - no big deal

if the new firm asks you for previous paystubs tell them to go f- themselves…that is bush league

if they like you then they will pay you

I’ve been kinda caught in this situation. Tell them ‘total comp’ includes other perks that you’ve assumed a tangible value to.

And 10%, jeez, lighten up, no one will bat an eye.

Good advice

I’d imagine that most people add on a cheeky 10%. and I’ve never heard of a recruitment consultant asking for payslips

Sniper’s right, they lie for a living. telling them the truth would scare them, they can’t handle the truth.

You’re more likely to find a flying pig than a categorically truthful recruiter

I don’t lie about my salary. Depending where you are interviewing, the company may ask for previous pay stubs and some other data (backround check, etc.). Telling them to go eff themselves sounds really cool, but then you may not have a job and have burned a bridge.

It’s better to just not say than to lie. I’d avoid lying to the hiring company if you can. Just focus on what you want to earn.

^ Agree. I don’t lie. But I make it clear how much it’ll take for me to make the move. Hence, why it’s easier to get a job while you have a job.

On that same token, I talked to a recruiter during the final year of my hacksaw MBA program. During that time I had a part time job that paid $15/hr. So I told the recruiter what I made and what I’d expect to be making. Her response was, “You’re making an annualized $30k a year, why do you feel you deserve at least ~$85k?” I snapped back in so many words, “I will have an MBA in a few short months and the job I have now is part time. Why on Earth would I take a job for $30k with a fking MBA?”

Yeah, that bridge was cooked. That said, I think this girl was 22 and didn’t know a fking thing. She’d be texting me ish when I didn’t answer my phone which I found very unprofessional at the time.

My last two offers were contingent on pay stubs, W2s, along with the standard background/drug tests.

That’s what I do. I give my total compensation number (salary, bonus, health benefits, employer’s pension match, etc), not salary.

10% is very normal, and you can easily say you don’t recall the exact amount…

^ That’s a worse lie. Compounding your first lie with another one.

Anyone that doesn’t know how much they make or forget their salary woudn’t be working for me. That’s a lie that makes you look incompetent.

He knows you lied but figured it was closer to 20% so you shortchanged yourself by 10%.

i don’t know EXACTLY how much i get paid… honestly, i know approximately!

^ I hope you know within 10%.

I would bet whatever is on your resume as well is not 100% accurate.