M&A at mid tier accounting firm offer

Ok, so i just got an offer at a shitty mid tier accounting firm for there m&a. Basically, I am unemployed, so I guess I got to take it.

But I am worried about what if after I sign I get other offers?

Also, what sort of career path can this kind of job lead to? I am not at a stage where I can really work myself around too much, as I am 30 already, and have a previous 5 years behind me in a valuations type role with big4. And oh yes, I am a CFA charterholder

This echos what I saw when I worked for a Big 4 firm. I saw people use this as a stepping stone to go work for a real IB.

If you don’t have any other offers, might as well take this until you have other things coming in. It sure beats being unemployed, unless of course the role ends up being that bad.

if I were you OP, i’d take it


Well its not big4, so I dont think the hours will be that crazy. but yes the pay is a killer.

Its in Australia, and its quite a small finance/accounting world here, so I have concerns about taking a job then leaving it very soon after. Thats the problem with not having a job and searching, I cant be as selective as I wouldve been had I been in employment.

You have a better chance of getting a job if you are already employed than if you are unemployed.

Only George Costanza can get a date while being unemployed (and living at home). You are not a character on a sitcom.

Yes, but how would a potentia employer think of someone who is applying for a new job who has only just got into their current position.

I doubt they’d look positively on it, but if you’re unemployed and haven’t had much luck, you don’t appear to have many options. Aim to stick with it for a year and just keep looking along the way, but I wouldn’t aggressively apply to jobs for a while. Once you have a year or so, you can look again and have the benefit of being employed.

Guess I should take it. Will probably enjoy being a more commercially focused role, rather than quite technical like I previously was.

Plus beggers can’t be choosers

There’s no such thing as a “good” or “bad” job. It’s only worth comparing the job to the best alternative, which in your case, is unemployment. So, this seems like a pretty easy decision. Also, I firmly believe that not all people in the same jobs are the same. Even if the average person in some job is not that exciting, this does not mean that you must be the same. For instance, I’ve seen the best people in operations jobs get promoted to front office. At first, I thought these were one-off occurences. After a few times, however, it became apparent that this is a trend. Just focus on being a quality employee, while being on the look out for other opportunities. In the long term, I am confident that your career will match your potential. Congratulations on your job offer.

^ Good post by ohai. Managing your career intelligently and networking are other ways to move up quicker, but you gotta start somewhere and having a front office function – even if it’s at a sh!tty firm as you say – is still an opportunity to build your skill set especially in the absence of other job offers.

That’s not to say that you should NEVER hold out for the right job, which I have done at various points in my career myself (including after graduating from business school), but it sounds like your pipeline is pretty dry. So, in the absence of other things coming down the pike, just do the best you can at your role and see what happens from there.

Thanks all. Have accepted. Hopefully will get on some good pitches that we win and can show some quality delas on my resumé.


Just annoying as after accepting i see some better ones coming up at Bigger firms like big 4s. Do you think i should still apply for these even though i have accepted?

Go for it, see what happens. If you haven’t started at the new firm yet, it wouldn’t come up on a background check anyway so why not?

Unless you have a written offer, keep looking.