Macro Attribution Analysis

Just finished doning the mock exam offered by CFA. What a rip off. They don’t even give let you see answers at end of test. Big waste of time, poorly written exam, and probably works against us. I got a 66% but, they threw a weird macro attribution question on the exam. When I went back to the text to review material, the text offered totally different approach to approaching analysis. So, the question is do I spend time learing the nitty gritty of macro attribution. Or is the only important compenent that it is an analyis of the fund sponsor decisions. Thanks CFA for wasting my valuable time with such a rediculous question. My recommendation is don;t waste money on the Mock exam. Does anybody remember the risk free rate from that question, I am trying to put the question back together from my scratch work?

Two choice 1.,734021 (good discussion) 2. Bigwilly is taking on SS16 today. I wished him good luck yesterday. Take your pick

how much time are people spending on SS 16? it seems like it gets the least love out of any SS. i still have not reviewed 16 or 18… but i can’t imagine either of those making up more than 5% of the exam. thoughts? *poops pants* i am so far behind!!!