Anyone care to share their favorite Macros shortcuts and uses in financial models?

We had a nice thread on that a while back. I’m on my phone on a bus right now so not really well suited to search for it.

Thanks, feel free to delete this post.

I thought this would be about the Japanese original version of the American adapted Robotech series, which was full of unintentionally hilarious translations, including immediately naming a huge alien starship they found the “ASS One” and having a character whose name is “Max Genius”.

So you think those were unintentional

Ohai: So much this

Hmmm… can’t seem to find it Oh well. Not bad to start again.

macros are great.

but having a copy/paste sheet for the raw data. and another sheet for instant modifications of said data. is better and easier to change. just a heads up.

Well, Max Genius is probably intentionally named like it sounds, since he is supposed to be a genius and is a megane-kun. It just is funny in English that it is so blatant. Ass 1 is definitely something lost in translation.

I avoid macros like the plague, flat excel for no hassles.