Made up questions..... Stop

Not to be an ass, and I know you guys are trying to be helpful, but I am seeing more and more ‘made up’ questions that are just really open ended and just result in confusing people. Unless you are taking an example that you are 99.9999% confident is correctly represented, so basically it came out of the curriculum and you ever so slightly altered the wording, lets stop posting them and stick to actual questions/topics. It’s too late in the game to confuse people with poor questions.

I am not. my posts involve all actual CFA questions that I got wrong.

I respect this forum, more I repect the people. I just want to share questions that I think is worth my time of writing-editing-sharing. if you think the questions are too challenging to be realsticly tested, be my guest, ignore them.

I am not singling anybody out here passme, but I have seen an increasing number of questions that are just really reaching deep and it is not helpful.