Madison Bumgarner

the odds of any team scoring a run with 2 outs is at 2-4% in the playoffs, or something ridiculously low. Just imagine what the odds were at when the hick Bumgardner was pitching with 2 outs in the 9th? I like the chances of the guy charging home plate and running Posey over.

u cant run the catcher over anymore jabroni

That stat must be for when no one is on base. Here, there was obviously a runner on third. Any hit, passed ball, or error would have gotten the run home. And if he’d kept running, only an error gets him home. Assign percentages as you see fit, but the correct move was to hold at 3rd and hope for the best.

Since when?

There’s an old saying in baseball that says that as a baserunner you better make sure you don’t get thrown out on the bases as the last out. Whether that’s a correct statement or not, many 3rd base coaches are more risk averse when comes time to bring the runner home if there are already 2 outs.

I had no rooting interest in the series until Bumgarner showed up in Game 7. In the year 2080 when I’ll be on my death bed, I’ll still remember the greatest pitching performance in World Series history. 1 run in 21 innings. I would have forgotten the winner of this series 5 years from now if the Royals won.

When history is happening in front of your eyes, embrace it instead of fighting it. This was a once in your lifetime feat.

Dude’s probably had a huge chip on his shoulder from a very early age based on the amount of bullying he probably faced for having not only a hick name, but a feminine hick name at that. Thats why you see so many pro athletes with weird or p%ssy names, adversity forces them to develop a hard exterior.

You’re selfish for rooting for the Royals just because you’re from KC.

That was random. Am I missing a reference to something or did you have too many shitty Canadian beers last night?

Either this season or last season started this new rule. It’s in response to catcher injuries, particularly of the likes of Buster Posey.

Selfish for rooting for your homies instead of rooting for the most historic pitching feat the Wolrd Series has ever seen. It was as if we were watching Picasso putting the final touches on his masterpiece, on live television.

I agree with you. Beers are shitty.

Most clutch pitcher in MLB history. Period.


ugliest too. Or maybe that goes to Randy Johnson

Guy hit two homeruns and struck out 11 on opening day.

What the hell.