Madison Bumgarner

You could live another 100 years on this planet, I bet you’ll never see a more dominant performance. Wow!


So win. I was in a bar in SF to watch the game and that shit was cray. That was all pitching right there.

I was hoping for a different outcome, but that was impressive.

Amazing. Looked like he could’ve gone another 3 innings too

Pretty much this. Bummer.

that dude shouldve just attempted to run home on that triple.

Bumgardener is juicing thats for sure.

Believe me, that’s all anyone is talking about here. They’ve shown the replay a thousand times and there’s no way Gordon could have made it. If it was Dyson or Gore maybe, but that’s a hard ask of a 30 year old white man.

^Mike & Mike talked about it.

What if he had run balls-to-the-wall from the batter’s box? Surely he thought it was a pop fly. At most, it should have been a single.

But it got by the first dude, and the second guy started kicking it around by the fence, and that’s when he turned the afterburners on.

Had he sprinted the whole way, what might have been?

^No sense thinking about that. Had he run balls to the wall from the start and the outfielders hadn’t fumbled the ball around, Gordon would have been out at second. There was no way for him to know two guys would have trouble fielding that ball.

The only reason you send Gordon home there is to force the Giants’ shortstop to make a great throw for a play at the plate.

It’s a shame Perez couldn’t lay off the high heat. Giants certainly knew how to pitch him.

Very true.

Did anyone really think the Royals were going to win though? Not to pour salt in the wound, but that was a pretty big stretch to begin with. I’m shocked it even went to game 7, would have expected a sweep.

No use beating yourselves up about some guy who didn’t push for home, Royals were going to lose anyway.

^ That’s a lot of confidence considering that it was a 3-2 win in a game 7.

Kansas City was the favorite for Game 7 – I think at odds of around -138.

Markets can be, and often are, wildly inefficient.

No such thing as irrational confidence when it comes to the Giants. Don’t stop believin’!

(Yes, the original Journey song gets played on the radio here 100x per day during the playoffs and it’s awesome).

Just saw the highlight of the Royal stopping at 3rd. He would have just been rounding third as the SS prepared to throw and would have been thrown out by a mile, assuming a reasonably good throw. I suspect the chance of the next hitter getting a single (or a passed ball, for that matter) is greater than the chance of a bad throw in that situation.