He sacrificed social media friendships for the betterment of the nation.

That’s what our nation is about - sacrifice for the benefit of the country.

Make America Great Again!

President Trump has his morning coffee as Obama exits the White House for the last time.

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May, maybe not but I do know that companies and politicians spend billions of dollars a year getting their message in front of people. If anything my Facebook feed, put doubt in the mind of undecided voters on crooked H, since the media let us down this election. I don’t have the numbers to quantify it so that’s all I got.

And thanks! I will enjoy it from my office.

O man this is rich - I bet Obama is seething.

heyyyy it’s dubya

Saw barron.

Is Hilldawg drunk? she looks drunk.

Probably pneumonia.

Ivanka. yes please…all day long. twice on sunday.

I think “keyboard warriors”, door to door, and phone army actually contributed to Hillary’s loss.

holy fuck, the stink eye killdawg gave michelle as soon as she turned her head away was priceless. Smiling to her face and evil eye as soon as she turns. classic killdawg.

Scary to imagine how crooked H could have been president.


wow, Pres Trump whipping it out in front of everyone. fucking amazing.

I want the Down syndrome trump daughter. Marla maple one

^leave barron out of this


you do realize he didn’t really say anything of substance in 16 minutes right?

Johnny Manziel has announced that he’s attempting an NFL comeback. Trump is already MAGA!