Aw yeah, isn’t this just getting you all amped up to make America great again?

Edit: 03-07-2018: Updated the Inauguration video link to one that works. For those that wish to relive the nostalgia before Trump’s 2nd term.

The inauguration stuff today looks pretty damn cool and respectful.

I’m watching it now, 3 door down are pretty good, haven’t heard them in a long while. Trump creating jobs ha!

wait its today or tomorrow?

Tonight is the “Make America Great Again” celebration.

Tomorrow, at noon et is the inauguration.

hp im surprised youre not in DC for your boy?

I say he waits till Monday morning, then launches the massive flood of stuff the republicans have surely been drafting. Although I guess there’s no real reason he can’t launch over the weekend. Also, I’m looking for something REAL, not Tweets.

I love America!!!

whoa whoa whoa its gonna be okay

I really wanted to be there, worked super hard to help him get elected. Lost a good number of Facebook friends, but it was worth it.

^great american!

Glory, glory, hallelujah! His truth is marching on.


The Trump family is one good looking bunch.

where is barron?

^ hope he’s doing alright.


o boy

were you working for the campaign or just a keyboard warrior?

^ key board warrior, we’re in the electronic age where clicks and views matter though, so I feel like I did all I could.

lmao you didnt do anything but lose friends dude, absolutely zero impact but annoy people. I unfriended plenty of bernie/HRC/DJT people during this election and not one of them influenced anyones vote

Enjoy today! Ill be thinking of everyone mocking black people for being so excited about BO’s inauguration. Hopefully it goes off without a hitch though, his supporters that went down deserve a nice event. Was in DC the week btw xmas & new years and they were building a bunch of grandstands and stuff it was cool to watch.