Trump’s reached a new low, even for Trump:

For those of you who haven’t yet realized it, Trump is scum.

You are correct.

However, Creepy Joe’s hair-sniffing antics are still creepy.

i dont think its a new low. its pretty much same old trump. the lowest thing for my personabbly about trump was contesting the elections when he lost the popular vote. never thought id see a sore winner. anyways us democracy has lost its validity. both sides will contest it whoever wins.

I can’t wait for the post-election speeches. Win or lose, Donald’s speech is going to be one for the history books.


Yeah, no. Biden is a sensible middle of the road Dem who knows the pros and cons of left and right wing thinking. He’s not gonna have a 50 year career in DC and then suddenly become slave to the woke crowd - especially if he wins the presidency.

Both Trump and Biden’s are basically saying “vote for me I’m reasonable and the other guy is crazy” but people are only believing Biden.

im voting biden. but if trump wins. its not a big deal. trump is not crazy. hes just greedy, vindictive, and clearly lacks support. biden is pretty leftist, but i dont mind it. we need higher taxes and more govt support. and not just the unemployed people or bottom 20%, but all the way up to the bottom 90%. money for all!

lol, you’re really turning into this beta specimen! Back in the day you would’ve advocated survival-of-the-fittest policies.

COVID my dude. We need stimulus. i just want my cut. and not in the form of lower rates or higher stock prices. i want the same cut the unemployed people are getting. As the great macklemore once said,
No freedom 'til we’re equal, damn right I support it
im pro stimulus. im pro inflation. that is the best way to get survival of the fittest. kill the beta bond holders.

you can also get a better job and be less beta

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I would rather have 1 percent off the work of 100 people than 100 percent of my own work! Paraphrasing John d Rockefeller!

Andrew Weinstein



Sep 15

Almost half of Americans don’t own any stocks at all and just 10% of Americans own 86% of all stocks. Other than that, Donald Trump is correct.

US Generals speaking out against Trump.

i wonder how others must have felt with julius caesar when he crossed the rubicon. his second in command literally deserted with a small contingent and lead the army that almost borught him down. anyways self preservation is key for trump as it was for caesar. when pompey and the senate wanted to try caesar for war crimes. caesar had no choice. now trump is no saint. but i think for the sake of the democracy’s preservation and the following economic cost, we might as well grant him immunity and a governorship in new york in perpetuity. Just LIKE CAESAR wanted. lol
but real talk. im scared of this election. it might get dicey. both sides which are retards will act very poorly.

Win or lose, someone will riot!

S.V. Dáte (@svdate) Tweeted:
NEW: Trump blew an enormous financial advantage over Biden – but the campaign money kept flowing into his own pocket, anyway.

Another $251,409 in August.

All those donations from terd and greenie

From an event in Arizona. Note the absence of masks in a crowded indoor environment. Next, imagine risking your life to hear Junior say anything.

That can’t be dangerous for one’s health. We were told by the experts that large gatherings, such as the BLM protests, do not futher the spread of Covid-19.

didnt stop the libtard at blm or the raves from starting up again. honestly the hypocrisy with libtards is amazing. with that said let pray for a dem win.