Magician and others-Mock Review Advice

I did mock of 2013 a few days back. I had thought at that time that it’ll take me at most a day to completely review it.

However I spent the whole weekend trying to review the questions and I was only able to throughly cover 50 questions.

I really dont know how to review all of it without going into too much detail. I cannot possible spend all my time reviewing one mock only. Any advice on how to effectively review the questions I have done without spending another 3 days just covering this.


Same thing with me. Its taking longer than the mock itself and its frustrating. I am reviewing only wrong or unclear answers and identifying those topic areas. I am trying to reduce the ‘larger gaps’ from topic areas instead of mastering each and every question. I think thats the best we can do in this time.

I agree that you should review the questions you missed and why you missed them; I wouldn’t spend a lot (or any) time on those you got right (unless you were guessing).

With less than two weeks left until the exam, you need to shore up the areas where you’re weak; there’s probably not enough time to do anything with the area where you’re strong other than be thankful.

@Waleed What do you mean when you say ’ I am trying to reduce the ‘larger gaps’ from topic areas instead of mastering each and every question’? Are you looking at LOS of questions you missed

@Magician What do you think is the best plan for the next week or so till exam day? Review Notes, Do more mocks?

If you can squeeze in another mock exam this week, it cannot hurt. Next week, I’d just be reviewing notes. I hope that you bookmarked a number of things to review during the last week: mostly lists of trivia or formulae) to remember. I’d go over those, and take one last spin through my Ethics notes. Getting a good night’s sleep Friday night goes without saying; you should also make sure to get a good night’s sleep on Thursday (this courtesy of busprof: good advice). I wouldn’t plan to study at all on Friday; I’d make sure that I had everything that I need, in the car, ready to go.

You’ve been preparing for this for months, and overall you’re ready. Polish up the last few bits, then relax.

AR - (Abdul Rehman?) For example I answered incorrectly 6 questions in quants and 3 questions in economics, and those questions in quants were closely related to each other, so I would go back and fix them first before fixing economics question.

Yesterday i reviewed all the incorrect answers, today I will review/repractice those topics from the study text. My planning for coming days :

27-28 Nov if I finish it in time I will attempt 3hour exam tomorrow, review that on thursday

29nov-2dec 3rd Mock from schweser on friday and revise/repractice

3rd-6th dec CFAI mock and revise/repractice until exam