Magician Would Love Your Advice.

Magician I would love your advice on two things: 1) what would you be doing at this point with 14 days left in terms of preparation?

  1. what is best to do prior to exam day I.e. The night before?

I’d be taking a mock exam on Saturday, going over my answers on Sunday, then using the next week to review the topics on questions I missed.

During the last week I’d be going over the topics I’d bookmarked for the last week: mostly lists of trivia to remember, hoping to get as much to stick as possible. I’d skim Ethics one last time.

Friday evening I’d make sure that I had everything I need for Saturday: exam ticket, passport, calculator, batteries, pencils, lunch, snacks, whatever. I’d get to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. I would not – _ would not! _ – study anything on Friday; if I don’t know it by then, I’m not going to learn it in a day.

I’m so glad I’m not taking this test!

Awesome! THANK YOU!

Although the question was directed at our resident Magician, I’d add that you should probably try as much as possible to get a decent night’s sleep on Thursday. Most likely, sleep will be crappy on Friday. Evidence suggests one night of substandard sleep won;t hose you processing power, but that two consecutive ones multiples the effect. So if you’re relatively fresh Friday, losing an hour or so won’t be that critical, but if you’re already tired, you’re boned.

If you can;t sleep, try reading Ethics on friday. That usually does it for me.

Other than that, questions and review (and then more questions).

Good luck.