Mail from CFA Institute

Just received a mail from CFAI…

Subject line: Want to know more about the grading process?

No specific mention of exam result date

Cfai trolling candidates last week on Twitter they said they finished grading now they troll us that “we know that you are waiting results”. Don’t like their trolling mails

In the email it states that they review confusing questions and all correct answers for the question are accepted. I wish they would at least identify those questions and just give everyone full marks or omit it from the grading process entirely

my guess is that your raw score is adjusted up by about 5 questions…that’s 4%

I bet they do nothing, and that statement is just to stop bothersome candidates.

Why has the CFAI stopped the practice of announcing a specific date for results? Till last year, they had been announcing a date exactly 35 days before the release of results.

Ask the CFA Institute for the most reliable answer.

Does it really matter if they haven’t announced a specfic date yet? It’s pretty easy to project it’ll be the last week of July. Probably Tuesday. Probably the 28th. Probably at 9am EST.

But even if it isn’t I know one thing: It’s not today. It’s not tomorrow. It’s not even in the next month. So who cares?

15:56 CET

Last year exam was on 7th June and result was on 27th July

i’m of the same mindset and can’t really understand the rationale for complaining about any of this. we all KNEW and KNOW the results don’t come for about 8 weeks post exam. nothing has changed. the email in question simply does exactly what it claims to do - give more insight into the actual process and timeline of their grading. i found it informative, yet not all too interesting.

TLDR: stop complaining, we knew/know results weren’t/aren’t coming until end of July. nothing has changed.

The email explicitly says the CFAI will announce specific dates for the results… not sure what your issue is.

I take this as CFAI may have a new policy and possibly release scores a few days early like FRM does.

I didn’t receive this email - should I be freaking out right now?

Everybody is freaking out!!! I just noticed the email today and it has been a few days since! Word of confidence to all…if you care this much…you probably passed…cheers! Until then-enjoy life and knowing you care and have the inner drive to care enough to make it through no matter what! Let’s pick this back up last week of July and see how we feel and do.

Normally I would be an a-hole in my response… but, no, it means nothing. It probably slipped into your spam or something

^Why normally be an a-hole? CFAI simply sent an email describing their estimated timeline (link right to cfai site). Some are getting a little hyper about it. No need to be hyper but really never a need to be an a-hole.

Go ahead, you have a right to make an ass out of yourself, never mid you alredy did!

No, I didn’t. I was quite polite in my response, actually. Rather than providing the truth, I could’ve played on his/her naive fear that somehow the fact that he/she didn’t get the email means he/she failed the exam/is under PCP investigation/etc… However, I chose not to do that. =)

Because I find it funny when people irrationally make something out of nothing. However, I chose to not play on his/her fear of there being a meaning behind them not getting the email. Nothing more, nothing less. I was honest and polite. Calm down.