maintainance margin back to initial margin?

Is that true that for both future trade, or short shell, or margin purchase, one needs to deposit enough to meet the initial margin and once it falls below the maintainance margin, one need to deposit enough to bring it back to the INITIAL margain again?

There in lies the difference. In Futures trade – you need to bring back to the Initial Level. Margin is a GUARANTEE. Short Sale, Margin Purchase - Initial Margin is only Relevant at the time of starting. Here the Margin is a LOAN. Here, once amount falls below Maintenance Margin, you need to bring up to the Maint. Margin level ONLY. CP

secret sauce pg 170 first paragraph regarding future trade, it says " to bring the margin balance back up tot eh initial level"… hmm… wait a sec. I need to check the short sale, and margin buy…

That is correct. That is exactly what I have written above as well. In a Futures trade, bring back ALWAYS to the Initial Level. In stocks (Short Sell, Margin Purchase) bring back to the Maintenance Margin Level. CP