Maintaining Health and Clear Mind during preparation


Right now I’m preparing for CFA Level 1 Dec 2018, and whenever I start studying after 40-60 mins I start having head tension and stress. I tried to split study hours, but anyway when I go back to studying I start feeling stress, anxiety and becoming vegetable.

With such a problem I can’t follow my schedule. Is there any suggestions how to maintain health and overcome this issue. Is there any exercises or sports? I’m thinking about taking yoga classes as I’ve heard it helps mentally restore your body. Another option is doing cardio-kickboxing as it once helped me with depression, however right now I feel more stress and tension rather than depression and desparation.


Yep… there is a great method. Its called SBAP… and stands for Stop… Being… A… Pussy .

Get ur head down and study you little tart. If you can’t read for more than 40mins without getting a headache you need to sort your crappy life out…

What kinda forum is this turning into?.. jeez.

For me the opposite. When I’m depressive because all bullshits that are happening around me, I just start studying and therefore start feel serenity and tranquility. But SBAP method mentioned above is also o good tip.

You can’t study for an hour straight? That’s weird.

second Pokhim!! CFA is a journey, and it is not meant to be a fun experience…it takes pain, sweat and time commitment.

May be take a break of about 10 minutes after 60 minutes of study. Study early morning when your mind is fresh. Eat healthy and Stay Fit. Healthy Body and mind will help you focus on whatever you do.

Get enough sleep and eat well. Exercise helps as well but most importantly practice makes better. Make sure your study station is comfortable, has enough lighting etc.

Whenever I start studying, I get bored within 30 mins of studying, however, as time goes by, you start studying for couple of hours straight without realizing it (at least I do)

SBAP would work.

You need to make studying a habit. When you first start going an hour feels like torture, but after a few weeks an hour feels like nothing. Your mind will get use to reading for 3-5 hours after work and 6-10 hours on the weekend. You really need to read even when you don’t feel like it and this is especially true in the beginning.

I also second the SBAP approach. When people review/do tests during the final months they study for 12+ hours a day. If you can’t concentrate for half an hour or an hour, maybe this exam is not an appropriate match.

I second this. My flash cards alone took me 2 hours to do… Every. Single. Mother. FUCKING. Day.

Switched from FRA to Fixed Income and I really like it (why so many people find that part difficult). Decided to leave FRA for later since it consumes a lot of time and makes me stressed.

As one person mentioned I try to redirect my mind from accepting studies as stress initiator to stress reliever.

And thank you guys who gave real advices. And the one with SBAP suggestion here is message for you STFO which stands for Shut The F*** Off

Fixed Income is hard only in level 3 (an actual bitch there).

Lol! Dude… it’s STFU… not STFO.

And SBAP method it the best. If the stress becomes too much after 15mins of reading then consider becoming a plumber.

Plumber > CFA