Major OT: See Star Trek

I took a break from the books and reality for a moment Friday night to see the new Star Trek movie. Now I don’t work for the movie studio or get anything in my pocket for pushing it, but I’ll tell you this: Go. See. It. For just a couple of hours, unplug yourself and enjoy. Then, just like me, you can start freaking out again soon after. Still… what a ride!

I’m waiting for the new Terminator movie. Since it comes out at the end of May, that will probably have to wait until mid June.

Transfromers sequel is coming out mid to late June. I’m pretty pumped to see that, so I’m sure I’ll be disappointed.

“Inglorious Bastards” is going to be the sh!t when it comes out in August… Right about the time that we’ll be closing the book on the CFA

McLeod. I think you can take 2 hours off even if it’s end of May.

Yeah I’m actually going to see it tonite on Imax. I’m reviewing the monster CFAI volume 5 and i’m getting incredibly sick of it. Going to use it as a study break btw Big Babbu I’m pretty excited to see Transformers 2 as well. I’ve been a fan since the original cartoons in the '80s and can’t wait. Keep in mind that the same people who wrote the script for the new Star Trek movie also wrote the script for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Anyway, back to the grind.