Making the market and taking the market please clarify, i am confused about this concept

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Have you ever bought or sold something (not even stock) on any auction, consider E-Bay:

Something is priced:

BID - buyer’s best offer ASK - seller’s best offer

  1. $100 1. $110

  2. $90 2. $115

  3. $80 3. $120

If you place your bid (ask) on 105 $, your offer is the best one and makes new market (new bid-ask spread).

If you just place your order between the 1st best and following orders (f.ex on 98 on bid or 112 on ask side) your order just takes (existing) market.

are you sure about taking the market? I think that is not correct
Could someone please give an example and explain all 3?
Make new Market?
The threads in the forum are contradicting each other