Malaysian man opens door of airplane for 'fresh air'

Apparently the Malaysian man is Chinese.

that region. has the cheapesdt 5 star hotels. except singapore. that place is balling. all their cars are foreign

Nothing in that article suggests that he’s Malaysian.

Come on, never let facts get in the way of a so-so story.

It’s an autobiography nerdy, autobiography. Maybe get another perspective to balance things out.

whoa i didnt say that. that was kipinlinger. but i have read a lot about singapore and lee. he is a sharp as they come. with that said, there are a few other great countries and leaders that stand out. you should really watch his interviews. just looking at events though, i feel he a lot more ruthless than he shows.

deng set up china to become a powerful capitalist force and reduced the retarded policies mao did.

park chung hee of south korea was a dictator that modernized south korea at the expense of human rights. he actually got his inspiration from philippines dictator ferdinand marcos. he was assasinated however, but many of his political opponents ewventually beame great leaders as well.

marcos actually just jacked the philippines. his close ties with the us allowed him to get prefrential treatment and obtain a ton of debt for his policies. he skimmed from the top and started a whole corruption culture that still exists today. surpisingly his offspring still hold political control. its amazing how forgiving filipinos are. most dictators as well as their families are often killed.

A people that sailed to a new land only to piss off the natives? I’ve heard this story before.

Makes sense, even fresh air is controlled by government in red China. Hopefully this plucky protestor isn’t sent to the camps for trying to breath! Evolutionarily, planes are still pretty new so a lot of cultures don’t yet understand them.