Malvern, PA / Vanguard - L2

Anyone in the Malvern, PA area preparing for L2 - June 2008? I mention Vanguard only because they employ so many in the area, there must be someone there studying for this.

I live in Center City but work in Princeton, NJ. That being said, I’m on the main line a bunch, and could do something like two nights a week for a couple of hours a night. However, I’m not starting until January at the earliest. if you’re interested.

Sillionaire: OK, I’ll make a note of that, and see where we are once we get closer to January.

Skillionaire, we should car pool and review. I live in CC and work in Princeton as well. L2 in June! Let me know when you want to start studying, I’d love to meet up.

K8, I’m going to start studying in early January and would love a study partner.