Mamma Mia, Here I go again...

…my, my, how could I resist you? Mamma Mia, la la la la laaaaa Soooo ahhhhh say THANK YOU for the musicm, the songs i’m singing, thanks of for all the JOY etc etc

taff poof.

Chris, i’m a Mancunian, not a taff. I just have to work in Wales. somebody has to…

Manc poof.

Yorkshire bender!

Abba loving chutney ferret.

nodes Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ok, we have lost Mandelbrot :slight_smile:

Well done mate… :wink:

chrismaths Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Abba loving chutney ferret. That may be the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Almost Monty-Pythonesque