"Man dissolved in acidic water after going to bathe in hot spring"


“Despite nearby signs warning against it, he entered the boiling, highly acidic water to test the temperature, hoping to ‘hot pot’ – where you bathe in the a boiling hot spring.”

"Search and rescue rangers arrived to find some remains of Scott’s body in the pool, along with his wallet and flip flops.

However, when they came back the next day to continue the recovery efforts they found that he had dissolved completely."

I always wonder how you would describe this sort of incident to your descendants. Or do you pretend the person just never existed? Also, this would be a good wallet commercial, for people who want a quality durable wallet.

Could not have been comfortable.

Hey Ohai… I got something for you. Go ahead. Click on it. It’s a surprise.


How did you know my favorite? The only difference is that I prefer that the victim is encased within the porcelain doll, and this seems too small for that. However, that is nit picking.

Whatever, Ohai. PAYBACK. Now that heinous POS will haunt you forever like that stupid watch STILL springs up in my ad panel. Muahahaaa devil

^The watch did go down in price by about $4k, though. Now it’s a real bargain!