Man eats live snakes

Somehow reminds me of his other country men using alphabet soups to grab attention

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Sutari does not eat snakes because he has nothing to eat. He eats snakes to draw the attention of local people and wants to be discussed among them.

Wait, so he does this because he wants attention?

Yeah Ohai reading the text you will find out he is one form of troll or another eating live animals

He has balls.

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You really want people to know this guy eats snakes, huh.

I’m not sure what to do with this. The obvious choice would be to find a gif of the live snake eating scene from Temple of Doom.

Yeah, let’s just pretend I did that.

Anugul, August 13 ( 46-year old Sutari Nayak of Badabudhapanka village in Angul district, Orissa, located at a distance of about 200 kms from Bhuabneswar is popularly known as " Garuda "

I got one sentence in and had to stop to make sure this article was in English.


Top 2 venomous snake or hacksaw

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You bumping this up twice made me laugh more than the man eating snakes alive!

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Bump, because we all really need to remember that this dude eats live snakes.

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Damn it. This is going to be a thing now, isn’t it?

King Cobra or hacksaw.

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This thread is so underappreciated.