"Man is hospitalised"


“Badly hatched plan: Man is hospitalised after stuffing 15 hard-boiled EGGS up his bottom while getting high on date-rape drug GHB”

  • Dutch man had taken chemsex drug GHB along with his partner
  • The pair boiled 15 eggs which the man then inserted into his rectum
  • He was hospitalised with a torn intestine cause by the eggs

Well, we’ve all been there.

But on the plus side, when his partner says, “Oh man, that is gross…your farts smell like eggs”, he can just look at her with a deadpan face, pull one out and display it while saying, “In fact, they do!

Because of the comedic value in those theatrics, I would say the stunt is worth it.

DOF, I’m torn between the RML 490 and 390 on an 8x8 platform can you help me out in the garage gym thread?

The 490 if you don’t want to do concrete bolts, man. Come on. And get it sawed down to a custom height. Rogue will do that for you.

EDIT: Actually just read your comment in the garage gym thread. I thought you said the 690 was in the mix?

So, since then I’m leaning away from 690. I’m not the most hardcore lifter so I don’t think I need all of the benefits of the 690 and think the weight tree will be a more space efficient way to store the weights for the overall gym. I think what keeps swaying me away from the 690 is that if I put the 490 or 390 on an 8x8 platform I’m still left with a nice unused section of the platform that I can use as an all purpose area. I’d be bolting into the plywood platform as opposed to the concrete floor and still probably have the stabilizer bar on the 490 for good measure. So I’m more leaning between the 390 and 490 at this stage although if I do the 490 I’ll be tempted to expand the platform to an 8x12. Any thoughts on this, I’m really torn here and spending way too much time thinking myself in circles. Height shouldn’t be a major concern because our basement has really high ceilings.

If you get the smaller one you’ll wish you had the bigger one. Why not give yourself the extra 4 feet if you can on the platform?

I just settled on the 8x12, I think I’m leaning towards RML-490 at this point. Did you build a platform?

Nice. No, no platform here. Just built the 690 over 8 pushed-together horse stall mats in basement. As I have raved about, the thing is so monstrous that it requires no bolt-down even though it sees heavy weights, drops, etc. Barely a wobble.

only on AF could a thread about stuffing hard boiled eggs up your arse be derailed into a discussion about home gyms set ups.

What do all these comments have to do with stuffing eggs in the butt? Moderators, please delete the comments not related to eggs or butts (preferably both). Tanks.

This belongs in the Feedback Forum.


I bet he’s asstounded that things didn’t go as eggspected.

That’s a buttload of eggs.

You guys really crack me up

This thread is a yolk

Kinda shell shocked how BS came in here to hijack ohai’s thread, but omelettin’ this slide.


The guy was just starting to come out of his shell, and then his sphincter breakfast

Dude, you have your priorities all scrambled with this shiz.