Man, Now Circuit City

bites the dust. I hope they can reorganize. I truly like the store.

dude you like a couple of days late. someone posted this 2 days ago

:slight_smile: My Bad. Saw news flash on my screen some time back. Bought some blank DVDs from CC on friday. Had no idea then. Hope they recover for the sake of their employees.

Damn, Crazy Eddie just went out of business… when’s it gonna end?

I don’t see how the high end electronics boutiques are surviving like HHGregg and Fry’s. They should be getting destroyed in this market.

It was only a matter of time, CC customer service is horrible and over a year of operating loss Best Buy >>> CC

What’s wrong with Best buy?

good thing blockbuster baulked

My bet is Radio Shack is next on the soon to be extinct list.

That has been a short circuit

Nike Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > What’s wrong with Best buy? Nothing, I’m saying that Best Buy is better than CC

Yeah, but Best Buy is only better than CC because there is a CC. On a stretch in Norwalk, there is a Best Buy, CC, WalMart, and used to be CompUSA. Now maybe there will just be Best Buy and Walmart, which overlap a little but getting rid of competition just can’t be good for me. I buy stuff for the cats at Walmart and electronics at Best Buy.

Remember The Good Guys? Good times. Now Best Buy’s gonna charge a ridculous amount on their already overpriced items. They still sell video cards that came out 2 years ago (and thus slower) at a higher price than newer, faster video cards.