Man, Tiger Woods is looking like dick lately The past few years do not seem to have been good to Tiger. I guess the Nike cap also helps hide his receding hairline.

This happened months ago…

The update was TW’s hearing was today, the news is he’s going into rehab.

I feel bad for TW. Sure everyone jeered when he got clubbed by his ex-wife but nobody thought he’d fall this far. Everyone expected him to bounce back at some point and he still hasn’t. Fans of the sport are saddened because he was great for golf and even if you don’t like him as a golfer you couldn’t ignore his talent. The field isn’t the same without him in the mix from a sporting perspective.

It’s saddening to see this happen to him after he does so much for golf. Talent like Tiger only appears once a generation…

I agree with all of this. Tiger’s routine charges on Saturdays and Sundays at majors were things of legend. Slapdicks in the lead at the time would absolutely crumble in fear.

I like a lot of the current golfers and the competition is deeper than ever but it just isn’t the same as having one guy totally and utterly dominate the way Tiger did. The 18 major record seemed like an absolute lock to be broken, not when, but by how much. And now if he even plays again in any competitive format on tour seems to be in doubt. Sucks.

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My favourite from this crop is Spieth, but there are no dominate players right now which makes the field highly competitive. Probably great for a neutral but not as fun for people who follow players. I’ve made this argument with Federer as well but it’s really too bad that most of their championships were won in the non-HD era. I would pay to watch those matches in HD, TW pulled off dream shots and clutch moments like no other.

Spieth is great, and I really hoped he would be the next Tiger, but it’s look liking he’s going to be a Phil Mickelson on steroids…

There are more elite golfers now, but many of them were probably inspired or improved due to Tiger’s effect (and also importantly, to emulate his large bonuses and endorsement checks).

Yes, everyone is aware of Tiger’s difficulties. However, for some reason, I am only noticing now how these are reflected on Tiger’s physical state. He is not just older, but out of shape, balding, and seems to carry a persistent look of sadness and regret. Most likely, his career of highest level golf is over, but hopefully, he can still get his life on track and do meaningful things.

It’s also quite interesting to me how people still have quite a high view of Tiger Woods despite his misconduct. Most people are rooting for his recovery. If this this were another fallen athlete like Mike Tyson, OJ, or any number of other people, no one would care.

he’s probably in better shape than most 40 year old americans i know. But I agree he does look mentally exhausted beyond his years. I’m not sure I’d say he’s out of shape, look at him in the arrest video. And for reference he’s had a receding hairline for years, it comes with golf and constantly wearing a hat. Jordan Spieth is 24 and receding hard. This is Tiger at 30 for scale, already receding hard.

I don’t think he can win another major but my hope is that somewhere down the line he can play again on the Senior Tour, and be successful there.

I was going to address your final point in my original post (hence my “sporting perspective” note) but I’d figured you’d bring it up organically. I usually separate athletes from their personal lives since we are judging them on their work after all. Athletes and celebrities usually fail as morally upstanding and likeable people any ways, and generally why you should never meet your hero. Something to do with being rich and famous I suppose. This guy is a bit of a scumbag in his personal past, but he seems genuinely remorseful and has addictions many others can sympathize with, which is probably why he is still allowed in tournaments. I’d estimate that 80% of it is respecting his achievements though, which is how our society works and how DJT got a spot at the podium…

Probably a bit unfair to lump TW in with a convicted rapist and a known murderer…

He’s got all that money and can’t afford a hair transplant?

The guy is a terrible human being but one of the greatest golfers of all time. I tend to separate TW the golfer from TW the person as do most people I think. I never liked him as a person even before all of his personal transgressions but I loved watching him play golf and I would set aside hours on a Sunday to watch him play. I think we all miss TW the golfer and we want to see him come back for that reason.

Plus, people have short memories and we tend to forget all of the personal stuff over time. We are all human and he is certainly not that different from a large number of pro athletes. I would not put him in the category of OJ that is for sure. I think the personal stuff was more shocking for Tiger because he upheld such a different image in public and with his sponsors. Now that we know the real Tiger we are over the shock and want to know when is he coming back.

I honestly don’t care if he slept with those other women or got a DUI. I don’t like him for his personal life. I like him for his skill. Most people cheat, and it’s common to meet people who have a DUI. Almost everyone drinks and drives (whether it’s a little or a lot) at some point in their life. People expect a lot more, out of celebrities. Whenever they do soemthing negative, it’s instantly 10x worse than if someone like you or I did soemthing.

It actually made Wayne Rooney worse, so there’s that counterpoint.

Saturday charge yes, Sunday charge no. He led going into the final round in every one of his major victories. Of course, he only failed to close the deal once in a major, giving up a 2 stroke 54 hole lead in the 2009 PGA and losing to Y.E. Yang by 3.

Well I was considering it as one cohesive move. Guys had a tendency to fall apart when paired with Tiger on Sunday or they were rarely a factor once he overcame them. Although that one duel he had with Sergio in the PGA was pretty good. God they were both so young then. So was I.

And yeah, jeez, if I had to stop watching any athlete that did something morally or ethically questionable… well I wouldn’t be able to watch sports. For f***s sake, Brady and Belichick both endorsed Donald Trump.