"Man with Romney face tattoo ‘disappointed’ with election results"

“Not the Onion” headline for today.


He says: “I didn’t mind getting this tattoo because it is something that I could live with and it’s something that I believe in.”

Wow. Something for the annals of incredibly poor judgment and poor foresight. Even if Romney had won, did he consider how he’d feel 10 years from now…

the tattoo really isn’t too bad - he just needs to grow his hair long

I would also be disappointed if I were this bad at life.

Isn’t there a story today that the human race is getting dumber?

Look no further…

In a couple of years people will just think that he really likes triple protection Aquafresh. As a side note, something tells me that there are not too many Romney voters with multiple mouth piercings and throat tattoos.

classic champion

Ha ha!

Never happened.


Tyson’s tattoo is still the worst of all-time.

I don’t believe this is a real tattoo. However, I have met some republicans who’d vote straight party even if Beavis and Butthead were on the ticket.

^ Beavis and Butthead have probably received more votes over the years than most Green Party candidates.

Hmm, hmm, yeah.