Management Consulting Work Experience

Has anyone else in the management consulting / strategy field submitted work experience to the CFAI for approval? I’m wondering what worked, what didn’t, etc. Certainly setting the high-level strategy of an organization impacts investment-related decisions (it permeates all decisions), but I am wondering if the institute might be looking for something specific.

Thanks all!

My colleague got his charter last year with 5 years of management consulting experience helping government clients in alternative investment advisory, more specifically in private-public partnership advisory, due diligence, and value for money analysis. Just a summary of what worked for him to get the charter.

Just file and see how it goes, certainly they are ultimately responsible for approving your experience so they should be the one determining whether your experience is relevant or not. From experience, they are not that strict so it’s worth a try!


I’m pretty sure you will qualify. Just emphasize that you analyzed financial data, and that some investment or capital allocation decisions were based on your instructions. CFAI wants your fees, so they have little incentive to fail you.

I’ll pay them all dues for a lifetime if they pass my l2 exam :slight_smile: