Management Professors

I’m looking for good, comprehensive generalist tomes on competitive strategy. I know Drucker and Porter are well regarded, but who are other experts you’ve studied in your management courses/degrees and do you have any recommendations?

None? Drucker has 1 classic tome and Porter has 3, any others? There should be MBAs here

Read outliers by gladwell and fooled by randomness by taleb. Leave the management books on the shelf

Thanks, but why? I’m trying to understand management strategy/tactics/psychology better for industry and qualitative firm analysis. These management tomes seem usefull me so far (haven’t gotten around to nail them yet): Drucker’s Management Revised Porter big 3: -Competitive Advantage -Competitive Strategy -Competitive Advantage of Nations

This clip explains it all:

I used Johnson and Scholes for my MBA and found them very good.

I did some searching, and in addition to drucker/porter, Christensen and Kaplan have written systematic and influential academic works (balanced scorecard method and theory of disruptive technology). Of course, they are from management central, Harvard Business School. Does anybody know any other highly influential management academics from other universities that have written detailed strategic processes for strategy and operations?

This guy:

Thanks, I’ll check this one out

Does anybody have any MBA management textbooks that have proved decisively useful? How useful often do you use game theory in strategy?