Manager Continuation Policy

Hi All, I am looking for an example or a template of a Manager Continuation Policy. Been asking/looking around but can’t seem to get a hold of one. Any help would be most welcome. Thanks, A

The null hypothesis H0 is that managers are useless: they add no value.

The alternative hypothesis Ha is that managers add value.

A Type I error is rejecting a true null hypothesis: keeping useless managers.

A Type II error is failing to reject a false null hypothesis: giving the boot to managers who add value.


Thats not a manager contuation policy haha.

That isn’t how most educated people spell continuation.


search “The manager’s performance has become inexplicably erratic.” in google books

Russell L. Olson The Independent Fiduciary: Investing for Pension Funds and Endowment Funds

(it’s part of cipm - right #hashtag?)

Earned my CIPM years ago, so I couldn’t say for sure.


Ha ha ha. Oh please hashmaster. You’ve never had a typo I am sure :wink:

At least I gave you an out to hide for that ridiculous response you gave right?

Anyways, CIPM seems interesting. Makes sense for my role but I know my employer probably will not care whether I have it or not. CFA designation pulls some weight though. CIPM would be for my own pleasure.