Manager Position - Big 4 Consulting

I know some who just got an offer for a Manager position in Complex Accounting group with big 4 Consulting firm. He is not sure how mch should the compensation be. Can someone let me know how mch do they pay at Manager level?

bump… any ideas?

Can you provide more info? Location? Which manager level (which year)? I know a guy with one of the Big 4 in consulting (strategy of some type) that is a director (was turned down for partner but got a big bump so he wouldnt leave) and makes base of over $300K in New Jersey (I think NJ, could be NY).

I took an auditing class two years ago. The professor who used to be a partner at Anderson and is plugged into job market said manager salary at big 4 (audit) is about 80 to 100k.

wow, that seems really low. I have a roommate at a 2nd/3rd tier consulting firm in atlanta that is only an analyst level, 24 yrs old and is making over 90k.

oops. that was for audit. i have no idea about consulting… if the salaries are that much higher that sort of calls into question the integrity of the firm… consulting should be totally separate from audit in theory… what kind of services are they providing that are so much so much more valuable? tax shelters?

Audit is much lower than consulting. That is true though for audit managers in most areas that maybe between 80 and 100 for managers under the senior manager title. That is base, but I have no idea how much bonus and profit sharing is. I do know consulting gets much more than audit though. (I was in Audit at Deloitte).

Manager in a consulting practice at one of those firms (think E&Y…which actually sold most of the consulting practice to capgemini in 2000 but still does some consulting and is building back up…) should probably be in the range of 90k - 120k base depending on experience and how long they’ve been around. Obviously, the bonus would be variable. In general, if your looking to get into that type of role, you’d want to be at a firm with a partnership structure and be on the right track. Alot of things are dependent on the partner your aligned with.