Managing Individual and Institutional IPS - CFAI EOC

Are these questions hard or is it just me? I’m finding the large amount of ambiguity in these questions frustrating, I generally can get on the main points and get 50-60% of a question right, but the language is really putting me off. For example, one question I answered 5 lines, the CFAI answer was an entire page and went into a discussion about life insurance industry priorities (which frankly I found unrelated to the answer). I feel I can answer the questions, but the answer itself many times turns out to be very, very different in scope and length. Can anyone provide some insight/comfort that these types of questions aren’t the “easy” or “normal” questions on the morning session? I’ve read a lot of people here saying individual and institutional IPS could be more than half the exam…but some of these questions are really long and ambiguous. Can we really expect questions that require a whole page/multiple paragraphs to figure out? I understand that the level 3 is ambiguous, but there are literally many ways to answer some of these questions. Just a disclaimer: I am performing strongly on FI/Equity PM/Anything Behavioural (CFAI score around 75-85%), but this stuff is seriously giving me a headache. Thanks