Classy AF

By 2035 all men will have have so much of female hormones built up in their body through years of seeding in the water supplies and food, that all men will become impotent and turn in to effeminate men, unable to grow beards.

That would be my version of hell

Where do you stand on back hair tho?

Me? I don’t mind it

neva (gonna) happen

Testosterone is so deeply fundamental to human life that abundance of it in one’s body is always going to attract sex.

I think this firm should pay a royalty to Nelly Furtado and modify the lyrics of “Maneater” so that the song becomes the official jingle for “Mangroomer.”

They can probably get Hall & Oats cheaper.

gotta thing for hairy guys?

bump for all you hairy beasts out there waxing

I literally lol’d at this.

Igor man, what the f uc k are you doing shaving your armpits?

why not. i sweat less with no hair.

also the mangroomer doenst cause irritation so its a breeze

Just seems like a lot of hassle to end up looking like a prepubescent boy.

Why would be not do that???

Not necessarily, but a completely bare chest is a huge turnoff.

Wait what? Men shaving their armpits is a thing and it’s not just Igor?

I had no idea that people were so specific about which body areas should be hairy or hairless, and to what degree. It is because of over specific preferences like this that things like butt waxing have become necesssary.

Senior year of high school I shaved my pits. It has a few advantages. Less sweat, less smell, and I was in really good shape and hairy pits take focus from a chiseled torso. If you don’t believe me, look to see how many WWE stars have armpit hair (the answer is none). Many NBA players also shave their pits.

Personally I believe that one of the best things about being a guy is that I don’t have to bother shaving anything other than my face, getting an occasional haircut and trimming downstairs every so often so my junk can look it’s best. low maintenance, minimal hassle.

I don’t get why you would complicate it beyond that.